Naves – A Place Steeped in History

To stay at the Seigneurie de Naves, is to find a place of peace and charm. You are guaranteed the time to step back, relax and enjoy a different pace of life away from everyday stresses.

Your hosts Patricia and André had this revitalising experience a few years ago when hiking through the Ardèche.

Hikers in their soul, they have worn out their walking boots on many trails around the world, but, it is in the Ardèche that they decided to settle and share this passion with their family, friends and guests.

Located on a rocky spur, Naves is a quiet medieval village that is officially designated as a “Village de Caractère”. The lively town of Les Vans is located in the valley 2 km away – or just over 1 km if hiking!

Naves has maintained its character into the 21st century thanks to the sympathetic restoration of the properties by the residents.
It is a collection narrow cobbled streets that lead to village square with an 11th century church and views across the typical terrain of the southern Ardeche.

Near the entrance of the village, at the intersection of the two “main” streets, you will find the Seigneurie de Naves.

The House

The rooms