The House

Due to the vicissitudes of time, land slips and neglect much of the village was in ruins in the 1980s. It has resurfaced thanks to the will of the old stones, local artisans with the original materials and classical methods and courageous owners.

Situated between two lanes, the house can be accessed by the lower road for the Blanche de Paysac and the Pitcholine rooms and the family suite – Nature. From the upper road, via a lovely vaulted ceiling, you can access the Toscane and the Frantoio rooms.

A particular feature is a beautiful stone spiral staircase that serves the family suite and the dining room.

In the central part of the house is the Library lounge and Wellness area. At this level, under a high canopy, there is a fountain and access to all parts of the house.

Then cross a small stone bridge that spans the lane, to gain access to the pool and gardens.

The village of NavesThe garden
The little stone bridgeThe swimming pool

As soon as you cross this little bridge, you will fall under the charm of this green haven of peace.

You will first encounter a small covered seating area where you can to sit quietly enjoy a drink, read or just contemplate life – regardless of the vagaries of the weather.

Next is a lovely arbour offering protection from the sun when the shade of the centuries-old mulberry trees is insufficient. Breakfast served here.

A little further on there is the boulodrome where you can test your skills at pétanque. The best teams can compete to win an appetizer on the House.

A pool of 12 x 5 m will allow you to do a few laps, relax and freshen up after your muscles have been stretched by one or the other sports activities offered in the surrounding area.

For a quieter time, you can wander through the rest of the garden where over 500 carefully chosen plants delight the senses.

Or merely sit a while under an olive tree and enjoy the views across the roofs of the old village to the distant horizons.

The swimming pool
The garden
The garden
The garden
The garden
Faïsses (natural terraces)
The dining room
The dining room

The dining room is a large very high vaulted room which serves breakfast outside the summer season or during rare inclement summer weather.

Here, at such times, it is also possible for our guests to enjoy the products that they have purchased and prepared. To do this, all the necessary equipment is available in the bar area.

They can also play a game of foosball.

This beautiful vaulted room has an atmosphere worthy of an old English library. Comfortable sofas welcome you to read, listen to music, or simply relax with a glass of Ardèche wine.

Here there are beautiful books of art, history and even cartoon strip philosophy.

There are also board games like chess and solitaire available to test your intellectual skills.

Bar area
Bar area

There is a bar area on the way to the garden and the pool. Here there is a selection dedicated to cooling off during the hot summer days: cold beer, other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and local artisanal ice cream.

The tariff is displayed at the bar.

After the day’s walk or bike ride there is nothing better for relaxing the muscles than a spell in the sauna. Alternatively, perhaps will you choose to relax in the expert hands of Emmanuelle and Blandine and their Tui Na massage or foot reflexology session.

Depending on your choice massage sessions take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

You can book online in the supplements section by quoting your room.

Wellness area
Wellness area

Tui Na massage

From traditional Chinese medicine, Tui Na massage revitalises and improves the functioning of the body systems (lymphatic, blood, muscle, nervous and energy). This massage is energetic and dynamic, but overall, from our own experience, relaxing.

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a practice based on the massage of reflex zones on the feet. Again, deeply relaxing, but beyond this, reflexology supports and improves the major functions of the body; blood and lymph circulation and digestion.