The House

The vicissitudes of the history of Naves have not altered the soul of this massive residence, all in stone and vaults.

Preserved and maintained with materials heathered or made by local craftsmen, it has thus kept its typical identity of the region.

La Seigneurie is served by two alleys. Thus, there are two separate entrances that provide access to the four bedrooms.

In addition to the rooms, the Seigneurie has a set of relaxation areas with a bar, a practice room (Qi Gong, yoga, meditation, etc.), and it is by taking a small stone bridge that you can accesses the garden in faïsses and the swimming pool.

The garden
The little stone bridgeThe swimming pool

As soon as you cross this little bridge, you will fall under the charm of this green haven of peace.

You will first encounter a small covered seating area where you can to sit quietly enjoy a drink, read or just contemplate life – regardless of the vagaries of the weather.

Next is a lovely arbour offering protection from the sun when the shade of the centuries-old mulberry trees is insufficient. Breakfast served here.

A little further on there is the boulodrome where you can test your skills at pétanque. The best teams can compete to win an appetizer on the House.

A pool of 12 x 5 m will allow you to do a few laps, relax and freshen up after your muscles have been stretched by one or the other sports activities offered in the surrounding area.

For a quieter time, you can wander through the rest of the garden where over 500 carefully chosen plants delight the senses.

Or merely sit a while under an olive tree and enjoy the views across the roofs of the old village to the distant horizons.

The swimming pool
The garden
The garden
The garden
The garden
Faïsses (natural terraces)
Place of life
Place of life

The dining room is a large very high vaulted room which serves breakfast outside the summer season or during rare inclement summer weather.

Here, at such times, it is also possible for our guests to enjoy the products that they have purchased and prepared. To do this, all the necessary equipment is available in the bar area.

They can also play a game of foosball.

Bar area
Bar area

There is a bar area on the way to the garden and the pool. Here there is a selection dedicated to cooling off during the hot summer days: cold beer, nature wines, other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and local artisanal ice cream.

The tariff is displayed at the bar.

Yoga practice

It is on the deck with a view over the village of character Naves or in a magnificent vaulted room with a mineral and energetic atmosphere, that you can, according to the programs, practice QI gong, yoga, Pilates, relaxation and meditation.

Yoga practice
Yoga practice
Yoga practice
Yoga practice
Yoga practice
Yoga practice


Take advantage of your stay to recharge your batteries in our Well-being area…
We offer a wide range of wellness treatments and massages, to be enjoyed solo or in duo.
Intense relaxation, easing tensions or dynamism.


Birenda oil massage (Cécile)

This unique massage in the Indian tradition is an invitation to live an inner journey of your body, during which tensions and blockages of energy are revealed to you, to be recognized and transformed. It offers a state of deep relaxation in which the body is fully felt.

Emmanuelle’s massages

Well-being massages at the service of relaxation of body and mind.
Circulatory action unravels muscle tension.
A moment of relaxation and return to oneself to strengthen one’s vitality.

Intuitive massage (Nathalie & Thomas)

  • The Enveloping Massage
    Gentle, comforting massage providing mental and physical relaxation.
    This practice comes from Californian Massage.
  • Sports massage
    This deep massage aims to relax the muscle structure through the techniques of Swedish Massage.
  • Energy Massage
    This practice aims to harmonize the energies in the subtle bodies and the physical body.
    This massage comes from Chinese medicine and humanistic magnetism.

Wellness Massage – Vibre & Sens (Michelle)

  • Californian
    Soft and enveloping, it has a beneficial action on the circulatory and muscular system.
    It promotes tissue oxygenation.
  • Deep Tissue
    Muscle relaxation massage, it promotes the elimination of toxins, acts on joint mobilization thanks to the work on the fascia.
    Suitable for muscular, vascular, joint or neurological problems.
  • Ayurvedic Abhyanga (India)
    Invigorating and soothing, it promotes the circulation of energy and reduces nervous tension.
  • Massage for pregnant women
    Relaxing massage, it releases back tension and acts on blood and lymphatic circulation.

Massaya massages Wellness (Marion)

– Essential massages –

  • Californian massage
    Relaxing, soothing and containing, a cocoon of softness to come back to oneself…
  • Sports Massage
    Dynamic and toning muscle relaxation, physical recovery. Recommended after a good day of sport!
  • Fullness Massage
    Gentle muscle relaxation, a harmonious synthesis of Californian massage and sports massage.
  • Deep massage
    Deep muscle relaxation, drainage and letting go.
  • Hot Stones Massage
    Real heat bath in case of great fatigue, de-stresses and regenerates the body in depth.

– The massages of the world –

  • Lomi lomi
    A trip to the Pacific islands and its inevitable massage imitating the waves of the sea… Harmonious maneuvers made especially with organic coconut oil.
  • Kalari
    Essential energy massage with hot sesame oil. A real bath in the Indian tradition and its powerful maneuvers!
  • Japanese facial massage
    A natural facelift, tonic maneuvers and acupressures for overall relaxation of the face and scalp. Glow complexion.
  • Thai foot reflexology
    Stimulates vital energy through the feet. The acupressure points are worked at the arch of the foot with a small wooden stylus according to Thai tradition!

A special body care formula at the Seigneurie de Naves

  • Scrub 25 min: 35 euros
  • Scrub 25 min + massage 25 min (flash massage): 75 euros
  • Scrub 25 min + massage 60 min (your choice): 95 euros

Price of our services according to massages

– to be paid directly to the service providers –

  • 30 min massage: 35 euros
  • 45 min massage: 55 euros
  • 60 min massage: 65 euros
  • 90 min massage: 80 euros

Wellness Massages are provided by our partners.
These wellness treatments are relaxation and relaxation techniques without therapeutic purpose.